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I want to be an amazing cook without actually going through the pain and suffering of being in a professional kitchen. I’m willing to be a student, to work hard, and I’ve had the good fortune of hooking up with a few of the best of the best cooking mentors – Niki Ford, Jill Santopietro, Samin Nosrat, Leah Puidokas. What I have learned from these women has expanded my skills by leaps and bounds. I will always, always, always want to take my cooking to the next level !  I will continue to seek out teachers…. and accept help and connections from any one out there reading this. I ponder cooking school now and then but hesitate about the time it would take me away from teaching. So, I will continue to seek out teachers who see enough potential in me to mentor me. This dream will hold forever.

Speaking of food, check out this blog written by my good friend, and amazing woman, Phyllis Grant:


There are so many interesting things I want to study. I should start a donation fund dedicated to: Jennifer’s education: Keeping her brain healthy.

I’d like to sink my teeth into:

  • Figuring out how to explain how I teach. So far, it’s more Pilates-based Movement and Awareness.
  • Phillip Beach: Going to New Zealand to study with him
  • Judith Aston “Aston® Patterning certification
  • The Morales Method studies, Structural Integration, Rolfing,
  • Feldenkrais® formal training –  April 2012, began on-going mentorship with Margit Galanter
  • The Alexander Technique formal training
  • Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen “Body Mind Centering work
  • Emilie Conrad “Continuum work
  • Buteyko Breathing Specialist
  • Miedendorf Breath Institute in Berkeley
  • Gil Hedley Cadaver Dissection Courses. April 2013 completed 6 day course. April 2014 3 week course, maybe 2015 10 day course? we’ll see….
  • Cooking classes: Ballymaloe in Ireland, and, and, and……
  • And…. we’ll see what else comes up.

One day: I think it would be fascinating to work with an Osteopath. I deeply respect their work and I would love to learn from a gifted D.O. Another dream…. that an Osteopath will take me under their wing.

Noah Clayton Photography

Noah Clayton is a good friend of mine who did all of the “professional” looking pictures on this site. He’s living the good life in Montana, working hard and playing hard. If you need a photographer for anything, I highly recommend his work.  When I move to Montana, I’ll teach him Pilates. Another dream.