The Morales Method®

The Morales Method ®

of Manual Therapy

and Body Conditioning


What is Morales Method® Core Integration?

Morales Method® Core Integration addresses issues related to chronic pain, improving posture, and bringing the body back into balance and ease from a way of working typically called Structural Integration. This is done by addressing tightness and tension in the connective tissue (fascia) that surrounds our whole body.  Bone, muscle tissue, viscera (organs), and nerve tissue are also addressed. This is typically done in a series of nine to twelve separate sessions. Body reading and assessment is done in movement, from a functional standpoint in order to get the client feeling better in function.

Morales Method® Core Integration (MMCI) is a specialized form of bodywork that is based on the work of Ida P. Rolf, the creator of Structural Integration.  It works on the connective tissue that is continuous in the body in order to change patterns, realign and balance the whole body. It aims to enhance your posture and freedom of movement.

How is Morales Method® Core Integration different from Massage?

Massage focuses on working the muscles. MMCI requires very specialized knowledge that allows the practitioner to work with the connective tissue, or myo-fascia, which then changes neuro-motor patterns in the entire body, allowing longer-term results. Also, no oil or lotion is used.

Is it painful?

MMCI, as a form of Structural Integration, has had a reputation for being painful in the past but it has progressed from its early days of “no pain no gain!” The client is always in control of the session.

How many sessions does it take?

MMCI typically takes nine sessions (each session approx. 60 minutes long). Normally, they are spaced apart once a week or every other week. A client can commit to three sessions at a time if they choose to.  If the client is in an acute pain situation three additional sessions may be necessary to take the client out of pain before starting the series.

Marty Morales, founder of the Morales Method®, Certified Advanced Rolfer, MBA

Marty has been working in San Francisco and teaching students throughout the U.S. and internationally for the past decade. Based in California, Marty is the founder of the Morales Method® of Manual Therapy and Body Conditioning, and has enjoyed bringing his way of working to students throughout the world and helping thousands of people live pain free lives. A published author, Marty has written “Morales Method® Core Integration Therapy-A Unique Approach to Structural Integration Bodywork” and “Mastering Body Mechanics – A Visual Guide for Bodyworkers”, now in its second edition, plus numerous articles for Massage and Bodywork Magazine. Specializing in spinal mechanics, Marty sees a variety of clients seeking relief from neck and low back pain.  Below is a graphic displaying the lineage of Marty’s training.


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