Me, the Teacher

“What are those things that allow us to see with new eyes?”

Jennifer is passionate about investigating the universal principles that underlie Pilates, Yoga, Feldenkrais®, The Alexander Technique, Aston® Kinetics, and so many of the great body-mind systems. She believes wholeheartedly in the power and effectiveness of integrating these principles in her sessions. Private sessions allow for the time and space to develop awareness, and awareness changes everything. With awareness, we increase proprioception and therefore have more access to specific strength training with more ease of movement. Sessions with Jennifer revolve around collaborating, communicating, exploring, and noticing how  we do things. She most enjoys helping her clients cultivate their own awareness, focus, and presence.

me, the teacher

Education & Training

Jennifer Durning first studied Pilates in 2001 at the Ellie Herman Studio of San Francisco followed by an intensive at The Pilates Center in Boulder. She went on to take courses in the rehabilitation techniques of Vladimir Janda, M.D. Jennifer also studied with Eric Franklin and completed year one of The Franklin Method in 2005. She completed a 200+hour course with Anusara teacher Sianna Sherman and went on to study under various Iyengar Yoga teachers in the Bay area. She has spent time studying Hanna Somatic Education and The Alexander Technique with amazing Bay Area teachers, and continues her studies in The Feldenkrais Method®.

Most recently in 2015, Jennifer began taking the core classes that begin the Aston® Patterning certification program where she got to learn firsthand from Judith Aston and her husband, Brian. She is currently meditating on when, and if, she will move forward with more Aston® classes. Throughout 2016, Jennifer has been enjoying weekly online lessons in Katy Bowman’s Nutritious Movement™ 52 week Program.

In October 2010, Jennifer began a formal mentorship/Masters Program with Wendy LeBlanc Arbuckle and dove into teaching from the dynamic CoreConnections® Pilates 3-Core Body Mapping Perspective. This perspective is an illuminating 3-Dimensional Full-Body Mapping of the Lower, Central and Upper Cores, from the feet to the cranial base. It provides an illuminating access for teachers to analyze and enhance any movement, seeing beyond an exercise to the essence of what each person needs. She will forever continue her studies with Wendy and also keeps track of other mentor teachers she’s had, namely Cara Reeser in Denver, CO. who she has studied with since 2004, and Amy Lange in Encinitas, CA.

The fall of 2016 will bring Jennifer back into Cara’s classroom to begin The Heritage Training, a post-graduate training in the Kathy Grant work that is taught by Cara.

Jennifer has also taken many workshops in Pilates and Yoga including PNF techniques and the rehabilitation techniques of Dr. Vladimir Janda. She has attended workshops from a list of teachers that include: Kathy Grant, Irene Dowd, Lizz Roman, Michelle Larson, Elizabeth Larkham, Madeline Black, Jean Sullivan, Rael Isacowitz, Amy Taylor Alpers, Rachel Taylor Segel, Deborah Kolwey, Jules Mitchell, Judith Lasater, John Friend, Ada Lusardi, Leslie Howard, Jin Sung, Jessie Holland and Douglas Brooks, Katy Bowman, Phillip Beach, and Gil Hedley.

Jennifer and Massage

As of December 2014, Jennifer became a Core Integration Therapist thanks to her studies with Marty Morales and the The Morales Method. Jennifer combines her visual assessment skills with her manual sensitivity skills in her fascial work as a massage therapist. She originally studied at The McKinnon Institute in Oakland, Ca. and The Acupressure Institute in Berkeley, Ca. in 2002. Jennifer had the honor of assistant teaching with Marty and Art Riggs for one of the The Core Integration that Marty taught in 2014. She plans to continue her studies in The Morales Method for years to come. Marty is an amazing teacher, mentor, and bodyworker – fyi! Jennifer incorporates bodywork into her sessions and pulls from her experience with The Alexander Technique, The Feldenkrais Method®, and Hanna Somatic Education techniques. She never forgets the dissection classes she’s taken with Gil Hedley reminding her that the only norm in human anatomy is that every single person is different.